Monday, February 29, 2016

Welcome to Critical Communication Re-Imagined

This blog is a sandbox for a group of students (members of a course in Rhetoric and Civilization at Brigham Young University during the term of Winter 2016) who are working together to reconsider communication from both a contemporary and an historical point of view.

We believe that the past can help us to understand and even to civilize the digital wilderness of the present. Each contributor to this project will pursue his/her personal project, and each will tie that presentation to a larger argument that I, as the instructor and project producer, will lay out.

In effect, we are blending both old and new sorts of communication: the individually authored idea; and the collaboratively organized concept.  Our format may or may not be successful, but we are confident that we will set forth -- individually and collectively -- arguments and issues that matter to us personally and as a society.

In the end, we will tidy up our sandbox and put things into a finished form for more formal sharing. But we are also demonstrating a new value for communication that is relevant today: interim knowledge. We are okay with publishing our process, thinking aloud, as it were, on the way to pinning down a more clearly organized final project.

Thanks for joining us. We welcome your input and responses!

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