Table of Contents (Spring 2016)


Dr. Gideon Burton, editor

GROUP 1: "Art As Activism is Effective in the Digital Age"
Lloyd, Chandra, "Theatre and Activism in the Digital Age"
Leavitt, Kimball, "Slam Poetry as Activism"
Larson, Claire, "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Using Photography in Activism"

GROUP 2: "The Influence of Big Power"
Cashman, Jordana, "American Cultural Influence"
Derby, Samuel, "Who Has Control, Our Government?"
Brown, Karee, "The Rise of the Individual: The Leverage of Propaganda through Social Media"

GROUP 3: "Individualism vs. Collectivism: The Struggle is Real"
Dias, Mary, "Diet Culture, individualism, and Fighting Back"
Gibbons, Grant, "Collectivism: The Fandom Menace"
Cromar, Talmage, "Education:Upside Down and Backwards"

GROUP 4: "The Internet is Not New"
Parkinson, Alec, "On the Origin of Trolls"
Olson, Josh, "With World Wide Web Digital Noise, We're All Amateur Scientists"
Murray, Jordan, "Gossip in the media: Not so new"

GROUP 5: "How Public Access to Information Shapes the Ideals of Women"
Ellis, Samantha, "Women's Identity Molded by Media"
LeSueur, Emma, "Great Expectations: Why the Mass Media’s Portrayal of the “Ideal Marriage” May Not Be Such a Bad Thing"
Davis, Brady, "The Media and Women's Education"

GROUP 6: "Integration of Technology Disintegrates Society"
Vance, Madeline, "Integration of Technology Disintegrates Family Relationships"
Blaser, Ryan, "The Integration of Technology Disintegrates Religion"
Tuley, Rachel, "Integration of Technology Disintegrates Relationships"

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