Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Final Exam Spring 2012: Reflective Post

For part one of the final exam, compose a personal blog post in the form of a short persuasive letter written to someone you know (perhaps an underclassman or a younger family member) -- someone who has not shared your experiences with rhetoric and history. (The recipient can be fictionalized.)

I'd like you to convince this person about the importance of a specific event, period, or person from history. Being a good rhetorician, you won't fall into the trap of merely giving a report on something. Instead, you will adjust what you say to be of relevance to that person and in the context of life today. And, since this is online communication, you'll try to work in a personal angle to make it engaging.

Do this by drawing upon personal learning experiences that you recorded in your learning log or discussed on Digital Dialog, and/or upon social learning experiences you had outside of class that confirmed the relevance of your reading or research. 

  • Avoid repeating the historical component within your final project post (show you have some range in appreciating history). 
  • Make a meaningful title (Do NOT title your post "Final exam part 1")
  • Images or other media are not required, though you may visually design your post to make it interesting.
  • Keep this to 300-500 words.

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