Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Speak Out

Let Your Voice Be Heard

How many online petitions do you see swirling around social media these days. How many posts plead that we will like and share them so they can get their voice heard.

Why is this? it is because we believe that 
One Person Can Make a Difference

Martin Luther (2)
When Martin Luther presented his 95 thesis (1517), he was not hiding behind a computer screen, perhaps even using a false identity so as not to be known by his peers. He took a stand full knowing that it would risk his social status, his career, his religion

Although it may seem common to us to present an argument against a religion, think for a moment on the situation. Catholicism was not just a belief but what you lived, what your family lived, tradition, culture.

When Luther spoke out against the pope, he was not vague. He clearly and confidentially stated his objection.

"Beware of those who say that indulgences effect reconciliation with God. ...The pope can only remove those penalties which he himself has imposed on earth, for Christ did not say, 'Whatsoever I have bound in heaven you may loose on earth...Therefore I claim that the pope has no jurisdiction over Purgatory" (1)

Even though he made bold claims, risking much, he did so with confidence.

His determination to spread what he believed to be true caused a large break-off of the Catholic Church. Rather than being killed, he was respected and followed (obviously criticized as well, but religious persecution is inevitable).

I tried it. As you know, my greatest dream is to become a stay at home mother. But due to the media, I have become worried that it is not a possible dream, so through Facebook, I asked some stay at home mothers what they think.

Me: "How has the media affected your perception of your domestic responsibilities?"

"Right now I am a stay at home mom. Social media has created a platform for mom's to lift and support each other, but also to compare ourselves and feel inadequate.There does seem to be a battle online or blogs between working mom's and SAHM. Through social media I have been able to maintain a lot of contacts from school and work. My husband helps a lot in our home which is way different than even the way I grew up. Maybe that's from more women having more of a voice and equal rights." -Kara McLeskey

It was comforting to see that others have had similar thoughts to me but also see that they are able to cope with their ideals along-side societal ideals. 

Had I not spoken up and asked for the opinions and input of others, I may still have had unsettling thoughts. 

So speak out, I know you have been thinking about it.
You know your claim, so declare it with confidence and await the results. You never know who is on your side until you publicly pick a side.

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