Social Media and Digital Tools: A Force for Good

As social media and other digital tools are more and more prevalent in society, the debate over whether or not these tools are having a positive impact has flourished. Some argue these digital tools are destroying our society and dividing people. However, we claim that these digital tools are actually helping society by facilitating connection and collaboration in new and more effective ways.

Opposing Views

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Take a look at another group who has an opposing point of view on the impact of social media on our society.

How to Collaborate Online

As people learn to use these tools they are becoming increasingly important parts of our social interactions. New forms of collaboration such as crowdsourcing are allowing people to work together to effectively complete projects of epic proportion.

Not Familiar With Crowdsourcing?

Crowdfunding has given the people the power to help facilitate new businesses, and social ventures without donating large amounts of money. These new tools help people connect and express themselves, bringing together people in the real world. These are just a few examples of how society is being improved by digital tools and social media. As we use them correctly they will continue to strengthen our societies and relationships.

Our Defense of Technology

Spencer Marks, "$5 to Save the World"

In a world dominated by large organizations, it can seem that we individually can do little to help make the world a better place. However, through crowdfunding organizations, each one of us can take part in an effort with huge consequences.

Carl Stone, "Positive Connections Through Social Media"

When we hear about connections made through social media do we feel like that is a positive thing, or a negative thing? I think more often than not we have a negative picture in our mind. But what is everyone felt free to be themselves on social media? If we could be exactly who we are outside of social media each time we posted a picture, or a status, or an article on the internet, our connections could be stronger and more positive. The negative connotations that come along with social media relationships often include instances of people who are acting different than they are off the internet. Look at celebrities and people who act the same across all their social media platforms. These are the people who are trusted, loved and looked up to.

Jordan Dye, "Collaborating to Save Lives"

Social media and online tools does not have to destroy lives and relationships. In fact using online tools to connect and collaborate we can save human lives. Crowdsourced programs and activities can provide the technology to assist professionals in finding, and getting to those who are in need faster, so that literal human lives can be saved. How will you use the online tools we have to collaborate in order to save lives?

Jackson Berg, "Social Media is Creating Real Friendships: A Case Study in Quidditch"

How often have you used social media to connect with friends and family? I’m guessing quite often. Despite the obvious connections being formed, there are no shortage of people who will tell you that social media is destroying our social skills and thus our interpersonal relationships. I believe the opposite is actually true.My arguement is social media and the digital tools that complement it are building stronger relationships. They offer more people a chance to build relationships in the real world, face to face. Don’t believe me? Check out a case study in Quidditch.

Using Social Media for Good

What will you do to make sure that social media is making a positive influence in your life and in society?

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