Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Instructor Feedback: Individual Videos (Format and Content)

Please watch this video in which I give detailed feedback on the draft videos posted so far. Take special note of the adjusted requirement for length (shortened to 60 seconds). You should take note of this feedback even if your video was not posted or critiqued so that you get a better idea of expectations and standards. (You are welcome to click through to this video on YouTube to watch it to see it at better resolution and even speed up playback)

While this video is a response to the individual videos, much of what is said relates to how group videos should also be done.  So it will be valuable to you as you finish up those. Also, be sure you refer to the Student Video - Best Practices document.

In the video above I refer to a student journal that features short introductory videos by students about their topics. Here is one of the student videos:

For another set of model videos, see this playlist of student videos from my class in 2015:


  1. how much words is too much words?
    easier ask than say.

  2. Thanks again for the feedback. It makes it easier to think of the video as a teaser rather than the bulk of the content, which was what I assumed in the beginning.

  3. I'm glad individual videos are 60 seconds now, because I'm bad at remembering scripts to pretend I didn't use one...

  4. I appreciated your comments. After reading through them and watching the two accompanying videos, I modified the format of my video to make my claim better and also to include a personalized angle.