Monday, March 28, 2016

Changing to Fit Our Digital Society

The Digital Society in which we live in has the potential to spur change or inhibit change. Change can happen, but currently, it is not. 

Michael feels passionately that we need to use technology to change the way women are viewed globally.

Chloe is advocating for older generations to educate themselves in order to teach their students and children to maturely use the technology available to them.

Alec believes there is a fine line between tolerance and radicalism that we must reach in order to effectively inspire change.

How do you feel about the rate of change in our Digital Society today?


  1. I really like the video of the speaker on top of the moovly! I felt more drawn into the presentation than the previous iteration.

  2. Many people in class mentioned they like the gif, my view is that they are distracting and don't help the argument. I think that a well captured still would be more effective.

  3. I like the overall presentation. I agree with Jordan that the GIFs need to be altered or rethought.

    As far as your claim goes. I don't know if I agree with it. That probably makes it a good claim. Is there a way to be a little more specific in your title as to what kind of change is being inhibited?