Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Video Presentation

I got a few comments back that have helped with my development and I am interested in their input.

"What exactly are you going to prove? How does technology affect individuality?"

"This is an interesting idea Tailor! I'm curious how you will prove your theory."

"Your claim is very much an opinion so make sure you have good supporting evidence and quotes from people who are authoritative."


  1. I totally agree. People can put on a false face online, and they can become a person that they aren't. I think it's because you can't see the person face-to-face, and more confidence is built behind the screen rather than in person.

  2. I think most people are commenting in relation to proof and support for your claim. This will be an important part of your argument, especially because of the subjective nature of your claim.

  3. You and Mitchell should comment on one another's posts. Here's his.