Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Social Media: How much is it changing our perception?

I've been thinking lately about how Social Media, though it is a wonderful connection to the world, is affecting our worldview. In some ways, it makes news more accessible and we are able to stay up to date on current events. On the other hand, we almost always get snippets of information because journalists understand our short attention spans and write basic facts, and not necessarily giving us the complete dialogue. Of course, I am only referring to social media sites. How can we incorporate international news into our Facebook and Twitter feeds?

As we enter this digital age I think our worldview is being affected by the internet sites we most regularly visit, that are most likely biased. As we are recreating our identity on social media, how do we maintain personal integrity when it comes to forming opinions about the world around us?


  1. Great video! I like how you posed a question instead of just stating your opinion/claim. This video is engaging and a great conversation starter.

  2. This is interesting. I'm looking at something along the same lines, and finding it hard to understand different social media platforms. I like your point about maintaining integrity in these types of situations.