Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Perception or Deception?--A Video Claim

As seen in my last post (an attempt to both personalize my project as well as incorporate new forms of media), I recently posted an 11 second video on my Facebook and Twitter profiles in an attempt to find social proof, determine if my idea was valid, and spark interest. I was surprised at how nervous it made me to make my thoughts public--it's a lot less intimidating for me to share my ideas in the classroom than online for the whole world to see. However, I was impressed by many of the comments that were made, and I think that they will help me further develop my thoughts. As of right now, I've gotten 8 comments on my Facebook page but not so much as a retweet on my Twitter--probably because I don't use it much and haven't built up much of a following there.

Overall, people agreed with my claim. I expected this--after all, I posted a pretty general statement. However, I was surprised by the counterarguments that were brought up in the comment section as far as specifics go. Melissa Cox said "People will judge you based on what you post, and they will judge themselves in comparison to you. the most sad part is more and more people are taking 11 second clips of everyone's lives and making it reality." This was interesting to me, and brought another thought--are we not only defining others by their social media profiles, but defining ourselves too? 

Chris Olson brought up a valid point, one that I had been thinking about, by stating that "we don't post EVERYTHING about us, so I think we realize other people don't either." Brooke Anderson mentioned in her comment an equally valid counterpoint: "because we know that what we post of ourselves isn't the perfect reflection of ourselves, we know that must be true of others, but, even knowing this I think we paint greater generalizations on the surface to make up for any lack of depth."

After receiving input from my "homies", I think that I need to narrow down my claim a bit and clarify what I want to say.

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