Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Communication Versus The Modern Day Line

I walk into a very crowded elementary school. What is going on here I wonder. 

I had come to the school expecting to find a caucus meeting like I had attended in the past.
In the past these meetings were sit down  discussions. This though was very different. 

People everywhere, confused about what to do. 

Perhaps I was the only one who came to the caucus expecting an in person discussion but I think others were confused as well.

In the past these caucuses were similar to salone discussions used to educate and inform people in the past. These discussion caucuses are useful in helping people become educated on a topic rather then just expecting them to vote without this education. 

This lack of communication is one effect of the disintegration of relations. Perhaps today society expects people to become informed using digital media rather than in person one on one learning. 

This is just one example of how the digital age is affecting social interpersonal connections. With this change in voting caucuses I would not be surprised to see these voting scenarios turn to online processes. 

Turning to online processes as well as this less than personal change that these meetings have already taken are affecting society. They are turning these meetings into another voting poll rather than an education opportunity. We are losing these social connections with our neighbors that could be reached if we just keep our personal caucus meetings actual meetings rather then the impersonal, uninformative, voting polls they have become. 


  1. Wow, I would have imagined the caucuses the same way--just a sit-down meeting with people discussing issues, and the candidates presenting their ideas. I don't know much about politics, and that is probably why I thought that they would just be casual meetings, not these chaotic masses of confusion. I think if all this went online, then the chaos would be transferred online and not in person.

  2. I tend to think that it would be MORE chaotic online, not less. Have you ever read a youtube comment section? Or a comment section on a political news article? The removal of the personal element through putting it online tends to make people LESS ordered and respectable, not more. Yes, there are serious issues with the current systems, but I think that digitizing it would add more issues to it.