Monday, March 7, 2016

What Different Formats Could Help Us Share Our Ideas

I researched a few different ways in which we could make argument driven videos while holding the audiences attention. One format I found that is not very popular is to make a video where two people are talking. One asking the questions and the other one giving answers in a way that explains their viewpoint and also gives a clear argument.

Image result for people talking interview
I watched some done this way and they kept my interest because there were always two voices bouncing off one another so I was not just listening to one person. I stayed focused longer when there were two people and I personally like this format.

One other argument driven video presentation style I liked was similar to the ignite videos. They had a slideshow and had only a short amount of time to get their ideas across, but this time, they were able to use clickers and make the slides change when they wanted instead of in the ignite videos where the slides are on a timer.
Image result for person presenting with powerpoint
This was my favorite way to format these videos we are planning on making. This way we are able to express our ideas quickly but control the visual so that it is most powerful when we want it to be and there is no rush to get done talking before the next slide pops up.


  1. I hadn't thought about the "two person dialogue" method before, but that's interesting. I wonder if there would be a way to combine the two methods without having it be stupid? Maybe a question-answer presentation, classroom style?

  2. I totally agree. I really enjoy these types of "interviews" that aim to educate. I like how it can bring out personalities to make it more engaging. The only difficulty would be in building credibility so people would be interested in watching us since we are not already well known.

  3. Be sure to give a proper title (within the title box) as recommended in best blogging. The video dialogue is a good idea, and one that one of our groups experimented with (watch for a later blog post with the example). Can you provide links to the dialogue-type videos that you watched?