Sunday, March 13, 2016

Project Log: Eli Hainsworth

Personal Project Posts:

My first article where I lay out the dangerous effects of faulty or incomplete examples. I focus more on evidence than on proposing a solution. This led to the second post which had more to do with the root cause and possible solutions.

An article refining my point about the power of obscured or over-hyped opinions, with more of a focus on the instigators. I'm currently trying to decide whether to focus on the ideas and people who cause this event, or on how to improve our own thinking to avoid such mental traps. 

For the Greater Good:

This was a write-up on the forms of communication used in a documentary, and how they may be used to make our presentation interesting. Having looked at form, I think now I should lean toward research and furthering ideas instead.

A script and proposed format for our video. We've done a good job of consolidating the arguments and forming a coherent thesis (The entire script is written). Now the biggest remaining need is to prepare the technical side of the video and to begin filming. 

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