Saturday, March 12, 2016

Project Log: Jolene Kirk

My name is Jolene and this is where I will be documenting my progress on my personal/group project(s).

Individual Project - My progress

  • 3/1/16 We care about others, is that bad?
    •  I originally began with the topic interventionism from the American government into other nations. I was against us reforming other governments as democratic or republics.
  • 3/6/16 When To "Post" Wolf :0
    • After Dr. Burton gave us a more centralized theme to follow regarding communication in society, I decided to try a different angle with talking about "whistleblowing" and when it was ethical to do so or not.
  • 3/9/16 Be Aware of What You Post
    • I was able to get more personal and relate better to the them when I talked about general internet privacy and how it relates to everyone. This has helped me actually fit even better into the theme. 
  • 3/13/16 Be Ware of What You Post (Revision 2) 
    • I went through my post and decided to edit it with a short little video and more personal photos. I would like to hear some feedback on what I am missing with my ideas. 
  • 3/15/16 Protecting Online Identities
    • I recorded myself stating my personal claim about Securing our online identities. I showed this clip to a few friend and family to get their opinion and feedback about how they felt about online security.
  • 3/30/2016 Securing our Online Identities
    • With this post, I attempted to use an online software to create a personal video. I recorded my voice and spent time trying to make the animation portray what I wanted. I finished only to realize that the program wouldn't let me download the video. Because of time constraints I was forced to post a link to my video and continue with improving my own content of my post. 
  • 4/4/2016 Securing our Identities
    • This is the final iteration of my post. I took the making of the video into my own hands and actually compiled it together myself. This way I was able to avoid having to pay anyone to be able to download a video.

Group Project - My contribution

  • This post that I did recently I think contributes the most to the group project so far. It has almost all of the criteria that Dr. Burton asks and a very relevant contemporary topic that relates to communication in society.
  • I downloaded an app on my phone that is a little video editing app. I used this to create my own video to post with my blog. I think this contributes because we are looking for ways that we can easily create videos.
  • 3/21/2016 We made a rough draft of our video project and posted it on our blog. I contributed by searching about Gideon Burton on his facebook page.
  • 3/27/2016 My group and I felt as though our video did not portray exactly what Dr. Burton wanted us to portray. So we made this post as a script of what we would like to say in our actual video.
  • 4/6/2016 This is our final iteration of our group post. I am very happy with the way it turned out. We decided to use the body of the post as the script so that if you didn't watch the video then you would still get the essence of the video and vice versa. 

Personal Learning

  • Lately I have been learning HTML coding and I would like to implement that and try and contribute. 
  • I also have an idea of a movie type where instead of moving pictures you make a movie with real pictures. 
  • I think part of my personal learning would be when my husband and I went to our community Caucus. I felt like this was a really eye opening experience and it has really encouraged me to continue to participate in any future caucuses. Read my thoughts about the caucus here.
  • To end our personal learning for this course, I wrote this final blog post that reflected back on the whole semester. Read about it here.

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