Saturday, March 12, 2016

Project Log: Kotahi Tarawhiti

What's up Everybody! 

My name is Kotahi Tarawhiti, and this fine blog will be where I keep track of my progress for our Eng. 212 class project and my individual project. 

Individual Project: My Progress 

  • 3/8/16- "What is social media really doing to our world?" - This was my first real go at setting up an argument for my individual project. I really feel that social media is taking a toll on personal identity and turning us into a "mass" of people that all like one thing instead of discovering new things. 
  • 3/10/16- "Talking with my momma"- My mother is a solid social media user. I told her my opinion of the toll social media is having on our generation and she shut me down! Her reasons varied from communicating with family and friends across the globe to quickly selling random items from our house. From this conversation I decided that I need to prove the different social pressures social media brings, especially to the youth.
  • 3/13/16- "The Social Media Mass" - I wrote this post in hopes of really just writing out some more thoughts that could help narrow my thoughts and connect to the main subject of identity. I think from my talk with my little cohort, this post is going to help me gel with my other cohort members subjects as well. 
  • 3/21/16 - "The objectification of women" *EXCUSE THE LANGUAGE OF THIS VIDEO* - this video got me down in the soul. I think it would cross very well with Michael's argument, but it also expresses very well what social media and the viral nature of some posts does to a young woman's identity and what they feel they need to do in order to be noticed! This isn't a video I would want anybody to really watch because of the graphic content, but it's all TRUE. 
  • 4/4/16 - Final Iteration of personal project- Identity and the Social Media Barrier. 

Group Project: My Contributions 

  • 3/6/16- "Kindea lab videos - analyzation" I had the opportunity of watching a set of Kindea lab videos. They were pretty awesome, but I felt that to make our video the most visually enticing and effective that we should add human interaction like what was done in our first prototype video. From what I gathered in our in-class discussion, we are going heading more in the cartoon direction. 
  • 3/8/16 - "Index cards- revised" This post was an opportunity for me to revise my argument and make sure it fits the "identity" subject within our class project. I think I'll refine the argument to a more specific aspect ... maybe how music is affecting our individual identities? 
  • 3/15/16- "Social Media vs. Identity" - This post was really helpful for me to grasp what the core of my argument ... I'm excited to see what the people I sent my video to are going to say about my argument. 
  • 3/18/16- "Who is Gideon Burton online?"- This post was great and weird for several reasons. I felt like we were able to solidify that we can find out almost too much about someone through the internet, especially social media platforms, but in that same thought we learned a lot of cool things about Dr. Burton! I think this platform is really going to catapult us as a group in a great direction that isn't just going to address concerns about digital identity, but also bring out some ugly truth that popular worldly opinion isn't going to like.
  • 3/27/16 - "Multiple facets of Identity"- this was our groups second major iteration, and we decided to write out a script of what each of us would say when we did our "trailer video" for the identity section. This was extremely helpful in helping us simplify and finalize our ideas for not only the group project, but also with our individual projects as well. 
  • 4/6/16 - Final Iteration of group project - "Who are you in the Digital Age?"

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