Sunday, March 13, 2016

Project Log: Katherine Baird

I'm Katherine Baird. This is my personal log where I am documenting the work I'm doing on both my individual project and our group project.

Individual project - my progress 

  •  3/1/16 - "A Power Struggle"
    • Here is my original idea for the class project. It is a start on a journey as I continue to pivot my idea into a sound argument rooted in history and relevant to contemporary issues. 
  •  3/5/16 - "The Power of Opinion"
    • Here I pivot my thoughts into more of an argument. I also begin to merge my ideas into the central topic of how communication and civilization are intertwined. I am able to begin talking about my ideas with others and receive valuable feedback.
  •  3/9/16 -  "Borders Unbound"
    • Here I have worked on developing the personal angle of my topic. I've integrated my personal voice with pictures to create an emotional connection with the reader. I have worked on integrating my topic into the category of "power and authority" for the class project. 
  • 3/14/16 - "Border Unbound (Version 2.0)"
    • In this post I have continued to develop my argument of the competing power between businesses and government. I experimented with creating a short introduction video. I have made significant strides in connecting my issue to historical topics. Future improvements will focus on developing my connection to contemporary sources on this topic. 
  • 3/15/16 - "Power Shifts: A Video Claim"
    • I created a short video that states the main argument of my project. I was able to share this video over several different social mediums and I obtained valuable feedback from peers. I know that I now need to be more specific in my claims and to narrow down my topic. 
  • 3/23/16- "I Caucused, Did You?"
    • As part of this post I attended a political caucus in person. It was quite the experience as I had never been to one before. In this blog post I document my thoughts and feelings on this meeting. 
  • 3/30/16 - "A Powerful Dilemma"
    • Here I post a more refined draft of what my final personal project post will look like. I make my argument more refined as I argue that governmental power is growing stronger and has the potential to threaten individual freedoms. 
  • 4/4/16 - "A Power Struggle"
    • Here I post my final personal post. I created a video arguing my main points. To strengthen my claim I bring in a video clip of President Barack Obama commenting about the current power struggle between the government and Apple. 

Group project - my contributions

  •  3/17/16 - "Power and Authority-The Moovly"
    • I created an animated video via Moovly. This movie details the topics of our project group - Power and Authority. The animations transition to introduce the topics of amateurs, experts, and governmental power.
  • 3/28/16 - "The Triad of Power"
    • As a group we came pivoted our topic to focus on the power and authority of three groups: government, people, and businesses. As a group we came up with a series of questions and went out to ask people these. We created a video of these responses and combined our individual thesis topics into a blogpost.

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