Monday, March 14, 2016

Project Log: Nathan Lambert

Individual Project: My Progress

  • 3/2/16- "When is Change too Much?" I connected the concept of health care with the French Revolution in order to describe when change was too much. I noticed that our health care system was in shambles because of the government that we are a part of. I used the book "over our heads" in order to describe why change was too much
  • 3/5/16-"The Detriment of Society" While trying to keep the healthcare system in my argument I related the detriment of our health to the use of digital things. This seemed to coincide more with what people needed to be seeing. I argued that why are we getting unhealthier when our technology is advancing so rapidly? I forgot however, to add pictures to explain my concepts. It was good to receive feedback from Jackson Berg and Gideon Burton on why my concept was flawed. 
  • 3/8/16-I explained what the lost generation meant back in the day and what it means now as a result of comments made by my peers. Comments and revisions are always welcome with my blog. 

Group Project: My Contributions

  • 3/5/16- With my post "The Detriment of Society" I tried my best to include the digital wilderness in my post. I explored how we are losing our physical identity because of the digital wilderness. This idea was not yet completely formed, but it helped form the main category of losing our identity that our class is forming. I tried my best to connect it to the lost generation. 
  • 3/8/16- "The Other Lost Generation" I feel like my concept has developed into a topic into which I can further research and publish. I had to completely change the direction of my project so that it would fit with the class theme. I titled my blog post The Other Generation and explained how we are getting lost in the digital wilderness as a society. I have contributed to the class project by explaining some of the identity crisis through technology use. 
  • 3/8/16-Most importantly I feel like my historical cyclical connections of Strauss and Howe will help other people see the importance of historical uses. I contrasted my topic with the lost generation. The class now sees that they need to use history. 

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