Monday, March 14, 2016

Project Log: Tommy Williams

Individual Project - my progress

             In this post I documented my initial ideas for my individual contribution to the group                            project.  I believe that protecting your cyber identity is extremely important and I had plans                  to talk about digital certificates, browsing vulnerabilities and the importance of keeping your              virtual identity secure.
             In this post, I wrote about how I felt that I needed to change my topic. I was very attached to                my topic and felt like it was timely and relevant, but I was having a really hard time                              connecting it with the the works of other students and making this a truly collaborative work.              I wrote about how failing quickly is a very important feature of corporate growth and actually              promotes worthwhile production.
             In this post I introduced my new topic of Experts vs Novices. I have been corresponding with              Adrian Foong (another student in this class) and the two of us decided to offer contrasting                    viewpoints on the promotion of experts vs the promotion of amateurs. I am really excited to                work with Adrian on this collaborative effort to bring a comprehensive view on the timely                  issue of "Experts vs Amateurs." You can see his posts and follow his progress here.

             In this post I detailed more specifics of why I believe that the promotion of the Expert is                      more important than the promotion of the Amateur and how this is all just specialization                      reincarnate.

Group Project - my contributions

  • 3/9/16 - Refactoring of the project
             During class I brought up a few ideas of how to alter and proceed with this group project                      from this point out. These ideas and questions brought about a wonderful group discussion                  which resulted in this post by our project leader defining 5 specific themes that we will be                    addressing through our individual arguments for this group project.

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