Sunday, March 13, 2016

Project Log: Chloe Kent

I'm Chloe Kent. This is my personal log where I am documenting the work I'm doing on both my individual project and our group project.
Here is a picture of me doing a backhandspring for the main purpose of enticing you into reading further.

Individual Project - my progress

This is my original post describing my thoughts about modern-day journalism and the detrimental impact it can have on the way we discover new information and formulate ideas. After a comment from Jason Peterson about it feeling a bit rushed at the end, I realized that I was trying to do too much with my post and didn't feel that my ideas would be able to contribute well enough to the overall group project.

Here is my final, completed version of the project post.

Group Project - my contributions
In this post, I changed directions from what I was going to do originally with modern-day muckraking. Instead, I decided to focus on something I feel a bit more passionate about which is incorporating technology into schools and at home - mainly implemented by older generations with the purpose of teaching their kids/students how to effectively make use of the digital tools available to them. My first draft was a bit abrasive and lacked a historical aspect so I have been trying to focus on adding that aspect into my piece while still fitting my post into the Digital Society category.

Also, I added in 4 four picture GIFs that I think look really cool and fulfill the personal video criteria. What I need to do next is just work with other students or the professor to fix formatting issues with my post (spacing, font, etc.) For some reason, it keeps reverting back after I try to fix everything that looks off about it.

Here I outlined my thesis statement in a short 15-second video.

This was our first post as a categorical group. Each of us did a voiceover and brainstormed images for the video using Moovly. I wrote and recorded the intro, my individual part, and the conclusion. Alec created the actual video along with recording his part, and Michael posted the blog post and recorded his part as well. 

In this post, I discussed my experience and thought after attending the Democratic caucus at Dixon Middle School. At the end, I tried to offer a solution to the problems of the caucus system.

This blog post is our group's second iteration. Here, we tried to shorten our video because it was a bit too long before. We also added in a personal aspect and I changed the formatting of the text to add in GIFs of ourselves speaking for the readers who do not want to actually watch the video.

This is our final, completed group project post!

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