Sunday, March 13, 2016

Project Log: Jason Peterson

I am Jason Peterson, and I will be using this log to track my progress on both my group and individual project.

Individual project - my progress

  • 3/2/16 - "Dialectical Thinking"

    Here I posted my original idea for the class project in the form of a notecard presentation. It is a rough draft where I attempt to tie in concepts from history and cotemporary society, as well as everyday life to illustrate why dialectical thinking is an important, fundamental skill that lacking will cause division and unproductive discord.

  • 3/9/16 - "Dialetical Thinking - Modern Literacy"

    In this post I start attempting to tie the group concept of 21st Century Literacy into my idea of Dialectical Thinking. This seemed like it would be a fairly simple thing to do,as the ideas relate to each other fairly directly. The one challenge I felt I had to deal with was that in order to illustrate the connection between the two ideas, I had to add a lot more text to something that was already at a critically high level of text. This is especially troubling since I could not fiugre out what, if anything, to cut out, and I still need to add a more in-depth personal, historical, and TED talk angle!

  • 3/13/16 - "Dialetical Thinking - Modern Literacy (Rev 2)"

    In this post I refine my previous post by cutting out superfluous language and editing it detailedly. Most significantly, I add a measure of contemporary authority and relevance by referencing concepts from two TED talks and quoting a BYU devotional speaker (Nov 15th 2015, James Matheson). I also fleshed out my reference to history in my example of the writers of the Constitution. Also very significantly, I shared this blog post on social media and asked my family/friends to give me honest critique/feedback, which hopefully will begin materializing soon!

Group project - my contributions

  • 3/7/16 - "Engaging Humanity - SLAM Poetry (Spoken Word)"

    This post contains the highlights of my research on SLAM poetry and the form/technique used therin, including my thoughts on how those could be extrapolated to help in the production of our final project videos.

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