Wednesday, March 16, 2016

An Idea for our Group Project

I've been really thinking about how to present our group projects, and how to present out eight sub-categories. I had an idea, but wasn't able to find the video, so I've taken a bit longer to get around to this post. But, after finding the video(s), I'm now posting it here:

(The video is rather long, I don't expect you to watch the entire thing)

I just love the format of this LDS Church training. While sitting in a semi-circle, there is a doctrinal leader who guides the conversation. In this video, the Presidents of each of the Church's main organizations and auxiliary groups discuss the importance of teaching. But, because they're all  leaders over different groups in the Church, you'll notice they all make references to their own groups and how teaching benefits said group.

I love that the conversation is structured and nobody is interrupting. They keep their contributions very simple yet powerful. They don't talk just to be heard. They talk when they have something important to say.

I feel like this would be a great format for our project, if we'd like to incorporate video. It doesn't require much editing. We can discuss within our sub-groups (discussions of three or four people). We can all find a way to incorporate messages and points from our individual projects. It ties together our calls to action and ideas, but gives enough introduction to our viewers for them to be interested and look at our individual projects.

Here's another example video from this same training (this one is shorter): 

The videos can be found at the following website:

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