Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Power Shifts: A Video Claim

Here is a short video that presents my argument. Is power shifting out of the hands of the government due to the evolution of communication in the 21st century? I am excited to hear what others think of this topic!

I am not an avid user of social media. I don't have a twitter, rarely use Facebook, and only use Instagram for business. I decided to post my video to Reddit, send it to several friends, and type the question I posed and post it on Quora. Here is my experience:

Screenshot of my post

I posted my video in text format on the website Quora. I am an avid reader on this website but have never posted a question before. I am still waiting to receive more answers but have been excited about the response I have gotten. My post is getting views and followers so I am hopeful for more responses. 

Responses from friends

I also obtained opinions from my friends about my claim. I have posted only a few of these conversations above. These responses show that citizens still see the government as an authority figure with large amounts of power. It seems that I need to be clearer and more concise in my claims and that I need to pivot my idea to a narrower claim. 


  1. You're idea was expressed well - it was straightforward and made me want to hear the rest of your argument.

  2. Awesome! Thanks for showing how we could expand to other platforms for feedback. I appreciate the screenshots, too.