Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Protecting Online Identities

Identity is important to develop, maintain and protect. When in person we are careful to reveal who we are until we can trust our audience. Online, the wall between private and public is abused to threaten, endanger, and expose many innocent people. 

We have the right to have our online identities protected from all unauthorized viewers. 

While doing this little video I realized that my claim was short and sweet.

I showed this video to my family. They mentioned how my claim was short but good. They agree that cyber security is important however to what degree should it be implemented. I got the idea to mention the Apple vs. Government debate and how that can relate to protecting iphone users' phones.

If you feel like it is too short or not sweet enough please go ahead and comment below! This will only help me improve.

1 comment:

  1. Jolene, I think that your claim is perfectly stated. I would like some clarification however--how do you define "unauthorized viewers"? Would I be an "unauthorized viewer" if I wanted to go and stalk the facebook profile of a guy before I went on a blind date with him?