Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Video Presentation

Putting my argument into a short video really helped me decide how to preface my topic and narrow it down. I think that'll be very beneficial in the long run. It was also good to have the practice of being comfortable in front of the camera.

Some feedback that I heard by peers:

"I'm interested to hear where your argument is going. It's hard to see how technology could be a handicap."

"It's true that technology is a part of everything. People say that we're more connected than ever, but I feel a certain disconnect when people are on their devices."

People seem to generally accept that their are disadvantages to  technology but seem unwilling to accept the idea the negative effects are equal to the positive.


  1. Jonah, I can't get your video to work, but I think the feedback you received is valuable. People both side with and oppose your claim. One part of your argument you should pursue is the isolation and disconnect experienced while all users are online, rather than the scenario of you off your device and everyone else on their devices, as mentioned in the comment. I think this is where your argument can get more interesting.

  2. Make it so we can see your video! You and Laycee should interact.