Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Digital Media Hinders Relationships and Civilization - A Video Claim

This is a 15-second long video presenting my argument about the effects of digital media. I hope I get some good comments from my Facebook friends and others.

Facebook feedback below:

Here is a screenshot of the comments that some of my Facebook friends left for me. I had some positives and negatives, which is good, because I like to see both sides. I have gotten mostly disagreements with my argument since most people think that technology has a lot of benefits, like connecting with people, or talking with people who live far away, and creating a relationship with media as a basis (like Grace pointed out).

As for reshaping what I want to say, I think I'll add more of the impacts of social media with face-to-face interaction (like my mom Lisa pointed out), and how that ties in to civilization. Like people seem to socialize over media, and that is how the world (civilizations and societies) are communicating with one another. Media is hindering society because people want to talk over screen or phone rather than face-to-face.


  1. I'm excited to hear more about this perspective especially because it seems to almost be the direct contrast to my own. Will you be focusing on social media or on all digital technology as a whole?

    1. I will be focusing on digital technology as a whole.

  2. I really like your claim on it hindering society as a whole because relationships are what society as made of. this creates a good argument. and show the risks if people don't make media changes. good post. i would also like to learn about how it will affect society as a whole.