Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Media and Politics

The news and social media world we are surrounded in has worked itself into a frenzy over political ideas. The presidential campaign has caused great movements in the technological world. People are VERY outspoken about their opinions and are willing to display their ideals publicly.

I decided to go through my social media feeds and see what type of political posts I was directly being exposed to. There is a lot of humor that has taken a firm root in politics. People utilize memes or less-than-attractive photos to try and tear apart a candidate they do not agree with.Humor has a way of making people relate. We feel more comfortable with a joke than we do with an argument. The humor allows many to express their ideas clearly without being directly confrontational while also capturing more peoples's interests.

Another very interesting media trend i found was the use of video. Independents are creating their own advertisements both positive and negative. The rise of the amateur gives the opportunity for many people to create something that looks very professional and so many think the information or viewpoint is credible. Videos also have a way of arousing emotions. The music and the images illicit an emotional response that can make a feeling toward a candidate fortified or crumble.

Many people take the opportunity to go to public demonstrations to protest and stand for what they believe in. The media provides a way for people to do this without physically attending a rally. They can fight and persuade from the safety of their homes over a computer screen and I believe that this is as effective if not more effective as holding up a sign in a crowd.

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