Friday, March 18, 2016

Patterns of the Past

Nathan Lambert: Identifying the specifics of how technology is actually making us more lost. Comparing our generation with the lost generation of World War I. In the video I illustrate the concept of how technology is supposed to help us find ourselves, while in reality it didn't help me because I was still lost.

Jonah Hainsworth: Identifying how advances in technology actually hurt us instead of helping us. He connects it to the discovery of new and "lazier" methods.


  1. Your video is straightforward, posing important questions. It definitely leaves the viewer wanting to know more, looking and hoping for more information to answer the questions.

  2. I liked the song you picked and your intro. I think that it fit your topic well. Like Michael said, this definitely left me wanting to hear more.

  3. I think the video fits well. Is there more that's supposed to be in the post? I feel like it's incredibly succinct comared to the rest of us.