Monday, March 21, 2016

Power and Authority, the Moovly

How has the power and authority to influence and shape society shifted due to the advancements of technology and communications?

Adrian: Amateurs are so well connected that it becomes easy for amateurs to join forces and drive society towards greater heights.

Katherine: Companies like Google and Apple are now a force to be reckoned with and can, on some level, go toe to toe with the government. Should we be concerned?

Tommy: We should still rely on experts because they have the specialized knowledge and training to make real and significant contributions to society.

Unfortunately we didn't have time to add nearly all we wanted to this video this weekend. The plan was to add a voice over the entire video to introduce our 3 different topics. Credit to Katherine for taking the initiative with the Moovly animation creator, and Adrian for his edits. Though this video isn't nearly what we want it to be, it gives us a great starting place to continue on with our group contribution to the core project.


  1. I'm more for the amateurs. While experts know their specific field, it is y argument that kids (amateurs) are more capable of changing society because they are mastering these digital devices and social media because it is these things that are changing the world.

  2. i really liked the start to this video. although it doesn't have music yet some how it is still extremely engaging. possibly it is good that you had to post it before adding other things so you could get feed back on each step of the film. I loved the questions and the movie really showed what your thoughts are. It represents your topic really really well. I also think that it is interesting that you have different sides to this argument represented. I think that will add a lot to your arguments.

  3. I think an concrete example of power and how it gets things done would help drive the topic home even better, especially if it was a more traditional authority example (a king, the pope, a CEO). This would juxtapose well with a digital example that people recognize less well, and give more credit to amateurs being authoritative.

    This is a personal passion of mine, so I'll be very interested to see where you go from here!

  4. I think all of your have a very relating topics that will be easy to strengthen. All that is wrong with this first draft video are cosmetics which are easy to fix. You'll be able to create a very good argument.