Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Project Log: Bryce Romney

I'm a 5th year senior in an integrated undergrad/grad program called the 
Master of Information Systems Management (MISM). 
I sing with Vocal Point and hope to pursue both marketing and music after I graduate this April.

1. What's so Great About Privacy?

I explore the trade offs between privacy and security.

2. Privacy is a Basic Human Right: Video Claim

In 15 seconds, I summarize my basic argument as to why we need privacy.

3. Open vs. Controlled - An Example Video

Rachelle, Jared, and I demonstrate a case of controlling a limited resource, and how that example relates back to our topic.

4. Information Manipulation: Open or Controlled?

Rachelle and Bryce add commentary to the original video, providing more context into how their individual projects relate back to the scenario.

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