Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Our Digital Culture and Feminism: A Video Claim

Here is my video claim about the positive influence digital media and digital culture can have on the perception and treatment of men and women all across the world. I have posted it on my Facebook profile and have included the comments and feedback I have received from my FB friends.


  1. I have liked seeing the negative and positive views on digital use within the class. this was a good short way to talk about your topic. I like the positive approach you are taking, that we can use it to do good rather than just saying that we need to get rid of the bad. it is easier to fight bad with good rather than try and go back and get rid of the bad media out there. so I like your idea.

  2. YES!! I love the way you approached this by using "fire to fight fire." I think our class is leaning toward assuming technology is causing the problems so I really liked that you want to encourage others to use technology to solve these problems. Way to go.