Monday, March 28, 2016

Connecting and Collaborating: Technology is Having a Positive Impact on Society

 As social media and other digital tools are more and more prevalent in society, the debate over whether or not these tools are having a positive impact has flourished. Some argue that these digital tools are destroying our society and dividing people. However, we claim that these digital tools are actually helping society by facilitating connection and collaboration in new and more effective ways.

As people learn to use these tools they are becoming increasingly important parts of our social interactions. New forms of collaboration such as crowd sourcing are allowing people to work together to effectively complete projects of epic proportion. Crowd funding has given the people the power to help facilitate new businesses, and social ventures without donating large amounts of money. These new tools help people connect and express themselves, bringing together people in the real world. These are just a few examples of how society is being improved by digital tools and social media. As we use them correctly they will continue to strengthen our societies and relationships.

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  1. I found a good video for your arguments, with some good academic research papers on collaboration and cooperation. Hopefully its useful: