Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Social Media changing Politics

Because I was unable to attend a caucus I spent some time researching and studying about the details of this upcoming election.  

One of the big concerns, but also benefits that we're seeing come from this election is the use of social media and the question of it being a help or a hinderance for the candidates.  We have seen this affect other elections, but more than ever before social media is taking control of the polls. 

Articles about Hilary Clinton have said, "Clinton has a strong presence on the most popular social media outlets, with more than one million "Likes" on Facebook and upwards of four million Twitter followers. The Clinton camp also launched accounts on more niche social networks, including InstagramPinterest and Snapchat, and even created a Spotify playlist from Clinton that voters can listen to."

She has taken the use of social media to the max, and used it to her benefit completely.  I'm very interested in the fact that Hilary Clinton has used several different social media platforms, and appears to have an interesting (and almost fake) seeming portayal of her self.  We have heard many negative things about her, and issues with honesty... but it was interesting to see these ideas put into practice while browsing her social media pages.  

According to CIO magazine, this has been a positive thing for several candidates, and has taken a new turn on the 2016 elections and their candidates. "As campaigning for the 2016 election increases, political strategies targeting newer social media sites will surely play a significant role. However, it remains to be seen how exactly how these efforts will influence voters and affect who becomes the next president of the United States."

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