Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Balancing Leisure to Balance our Identities

With the invention and widespread use of technology and specifically social media, many people are worried about losing our personal identities. The vast majority of our leisure time revolves around technology and the new media. For some the solution is to throw it all away and enter the desert of technology in order to find themselves. I claim there is a better way, balance your leisure to balance your life, and find out who you really are.

Since the industrial revolution people have used as an outlet from work in order to find a balance in their lives. They would go to museums, sporting events, go on a train ride or spend some time at a beach resort. 

Technology has changed the way we leisure. Rather than doing something active to rejuvenate ourselves, we lose ourselves in social media or Netflix.

Stuart Brown argues that physical play is vitally important to our proper development. Without play people can devolve and lose who they really are.

Contemporary Perspectives on Leisure discusses the importance of various types of leisure, and how we need to have not only casual leisure such as media consumption, but serious leisure activities such as hobbies.

Technology has not and should not go away in order to regain our lives and our identities. We need to take control of our lives and apply a balance. Don't let technology rule your leisure, use technology to find the best balance in leisure for you, to balance you life.

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  1. Very simple and straightforward, which I feel is a great strength! Although I feel that strength might be hard to retain once you focus on adding in the robust historical anchor, personal relevancy account, and TED talk contribution angles that Prof Burton is looking for. If you can put those in without bulking up the message too much, you'll have quite the winner! Good luck :)