Sunday, March 6, 2016

Don't blog blandly!

Why are politicians so childish when the stakes are so high?
How they speak speaks volumes.
Why did you look at this post, and maybe skip over others?

  • it's visual (even if this weren't my cute granddaughter, you are more likely to read if given something to see)
  • it's personal (this is homemade, casual, personal. My family watching the Democratic debates)
  • it's concise (the caption of my photo communicates a problem and a claim, ready for debate)

Don't make blog posts that look like they are assignments -- even if they are! Practice selling your ideas in ways favored by the medium: use images or videos, break up your text. Keep it succinct. LOOK at what you blog, don't just tap out your text. What makes you stop to consider a blog post? A wall of uninterrupted text? Of course not. --Sure, you can blog at length, but if you can't sell readers right at the start, they won't be interested to click the "read more" link.

Keep us interested. Use the medium the way the medium wants to be used.

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