Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Experts vs novices

I have taken inspiration from Adrian's posts about experts vs amateurs and decided that I will be continuing this project taking the stance that Experts are necessary as an authoritative voice in civilization. From my conversations with Adrian I believe that he will be taking the perspective of the Amateurs.
There is a lot of information to be explored in this topic. I will include as part of my argument the eternal economic question of specialization and whether it is really better than having everyone do every step of a process. It is really interesting to me that as a society we seem to be getting further and further away from specialization the more time passes. Instead of mindless labor, industries are looking for people who can be innovative and bring new ideas to the table. Obviously this isn't ubiquitous yet, but it appears to be gaining speed. I'm excited to continue studying this and see where all this goes.

We will thus be linking in to the Authority and Power theme from the 5 themes presented by Dr. Burton


  1. I agree that many jobs require you to be an expert in many different things. this expectation to me seems ridiculous. I feel that you can either spend your time becoming really good (an expert) at one or a few things but that you can't become an automatic expert at everything. this spreads you to thin and makes you less good at everything in general. it goes with the thought you can be really good at one thing or kind of good at a lot of things. This is not bad but i do think that it is making society less exert and more broadly skilled. this concept makes me think of the renaissance man and in particular Di vinci. Di vinci wasn't good at everything right away he studied one thing for a few years and then moved to the next thing so that by the end of this life he was a renaissance man, he didn't just start out that way. thus i think that the expectation to be an overnight renaissance man is unrealistic.

  2. I like your take into specialization. I think there is much to be said on that topic, maybe you can draw some more inspiration from the bazaar vs cathedral paper/book