Monday, March 7, 2016

Hybrid Pedagogy- Form and Content

In this post we will briefly examine some of the form and content of online publisher Hybrid Pedagogy. This should give a basic idea of what form their articles usually have. This isn't intended be be an exhaustive analysis, but instead summarize some common themes I found.

There are some basic guidelines for publishing on this site. Some of the keys are that each article should make "big claims, ask hard questions, and provoke discussion". Also articles should take advantage of less traditional methods of presentation.

Most articles create a more digital experience by including links to other contents. Video is usually linked to the article in this way. The link "domesticated, bridled, broken" links to a you tube video. (see below)

Bedsides links, each article ends with tags such as "Hybrid Pedagogy" and "Peer Review" to connect the reader with other related content. Links to the author's online information are also included.
Besides these style articles there are also articles that use a slide show of images like these as part of their articles. As of yet I have not found any purely video posts which is a little bid disappointing. However, it seems like a video post would take advantage of this form of publishing even more.

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