Monday, March 14, 2016

Project Log: Adrian Foong

Individual project - my progress

I used index cards to tell a story about how we used to rely on experts, but now have been empowered to bring about change in the world. My stance is that we do not have to be reliant on just the experts, but we have the technology to bring our ideas out into the world through non-traditional means. I realized that I have to tell the story better by consolidating my ideas of collaboration and the amateur movement.
I proposed in this post that we do not need to simply rely on the experts to determine what it is we want. Just like in the Age of Enlightenment, we are breaking out of relying on the authorities of the time and collaborating with one another to bring about changes in our world. I realized that my visuals are lacking. Instead of adding images, I used quotes to improve the visualization of the text.

In this post, I discuss the idea of crowd sourcing of talent. Building on the previous post, I include examples from "The Wisdom of Crowds" to illustrate how groups, thinking collectively, come up with the most accurate answer under the right circumstances. In the same vein, the example of the mountain bikes show that a group of enthusiasts (not experts) can come up with great ideas. There was a comment about not dividing the crowd. I think I'll have to make my stance clearer, but I still have to decide if I'm siding with the amateurs or in favor of experts working with amateurs.

I rewrote parts of the previous blog post to include personal examples to illustrate why I care about the topic.

I tried to bring in my experience of participating in the caucus to how amateurs make decisions as a whole to elect their officials.
I added content to give examples of amateurs collaborating with others to create services like Wikipedia and Quora.
Final version of my personal post that includes an animated video. Rewrote some parts of the post to better highlight the main idea of the post.

Group project - my contributions

For this group post, I wrote some content describing the power of the people over governments and corporations.
We spent quite a bit of time working on the formatting of the post. We made deliberate choices to make our main points stick out clearly and made sure that our content is aligned well stylistically and cohesive as a group.

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