Saturday, March 12, 2016

Project Log: Amanda DeBuse

I'm Amanda DeBuse. This is my personal log where I am documenting the work I'm doing on both my individual project and our group project.

Individual Project - my progress

  • 3/1/16 - "Creating a Social Divide through Book Evolution"
    • In this post, I took snapshots of index cards that outline my argument of how book evolution through out history, starting with church leaders and the printing press, has created this digital divide, or has caused people to not interact face-to-face more often. From what has been commented on this post by Jolene Hammond and Jackson Berg, I want to not look so much at how books created that social divide, but how technology/digital media in general has done so.
  • 3/6/16 - "Is Digital Media Hurting Civilization?"
    • For this post, I re-worked my argument, arguing that digital media, while it is hurting personal relationships, it is also hurting civilization/society as a whole because it is personal relationships between people that build a civilization/society. Based on comments to this post, mainly by Tommy Williams and my professor Dr. Burton, I have chose to add some contemporary and historical sources (like Karl Marx)  to support my argument to make it more valid.
  • 3/8/16 - "Enhancing Personal; Relationships = Enhancing Society"
    • Here, I decided to support my argument with a quote from Karl Marx about how society is a sum of personal relationships, and a video from that you can see here about how we need to put down our phones and devices so we can focus on those around us; the argument is the same from the last post.
  • 3/15/16 - "Digital Media Hinders Relationships and Civilization"
    • I posted a 15-second video that simply stated my argument about digital media hurting relationships and civilization. I posted the video initially on Facebook, then to this blog. I received comments on Facebook, and received comments from friends, most saying that media enhances instead of hurts relationships. But one said that it does hurt relationships because the relationship is through the screen rather than in person. I want to incorporate that idea into my full argument.
  • 3/30/16 - "Enhancing Society by Enhancing Social Skills"
    • Here, I broke down my argument a little by saying that social media is affecting communication skills, not just personal relationships. It is also the communication skills that helps build society.

Group Project - my contributions

  • 3/21/15 - I helped out my group by posting a group post with the others' contributions, which was the text and group video.

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