Thursday, March 10, 2016

Project Log: Gideon Burton

I'm Gideon Burton. This is my personal log where I am documenting the work I'm doing on both my individual project and our group project.
Getting a helpful critique on my latest
draft from an interested relative

Individual project - my progress

  • 3/5/16 - "Our Message [version 1]"
    My individual project is to lay out the core message for the whole project, and I did this for the first time in this post. Based on a comment in response to that post by Jason, I'm wanting to put a more positive spin on things, and given the posts about our publication destination (Hybrid Pedagogy) by Jackson Berg, Mike Stevens, and Spencer Marks, it's clear I need to use articles from there as a model for my next iteration.

Group project - my contributions

  • 3/5/16 - "Our Project: Format and Principles"
    Here is where I laid out the organization of the project and its format. Based on a recent suggestion from Mitchell Cottrell, I'm considering revising this so that we have a group video introduce each of the five themes we've evolved.
  • 3/7/16 - "Group Video Prototype 1"
    Had fun experimenting with video formats with Bryce Romney, Rachelle Elbert, and Carli Stone. Posted this video which we discussed in class. Still unsure about what to put in the background, but working with green screen gives us options.
  • 3/8/16 - "Five Themes Linking Civilization and Communication"
    Following a suggestion in class to group our individual projects under a set of topics, I laid these out and explained them each with a paragraph. Following class discussion on 3/9/16, it may be we want to expand on the communication and collaboration theme, and possibly add to our list of overarching topics.

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