Monday, March 14, 2016

Project Log: Jackson Berg

Hi I'm Jackson Berg. Here I'll keep you posted on the working I'm doing on my individual project as well as contributions to the overall group project.

Personal Project

  • 3/2/16- Let's end Foreign Aid 
    • In this article I explored why governments giving foreign aid is ineffective and should be replaced with private efforts. I am interested in the topic but I don't have the person angle. 
  • 3/8/16- "A Case Study In Quidditch: Why social media and other digital tools are actually creating stronger interpersonal relationships"
    • Started a new topic here replacing the post about foreign aid. I really think that this topic will generate more interest due to it's more interesting and personal angle. It seems to be generating more views. 
  • 3/16/16- Quidditch: Digital Collaboration is building real world relationships 
    • This article just introduced the blog with a video. I need to revamp the social media posting since it received no online commentary outside of the blog. 
  • 3/17-3/19 Gathering Feedback. 
    • Sent out my blog to social media in a more compelling way and got good feedback, including face to face discussions. 
    • My first iteration blog now has close to 100 views and seven comments! I think I have enough feedback to launch a full fledged second iteration. 
  • 3/28/16- Social Media is Creating Real Friendships version 2- I used the feedback from my original blog to create a second version. It is an improvement but more of a model for my next iteration which I hope to have significant design changes.  
  • 4/4/16- Social Media Is Creating Real Friendships: A Case Study In Quidditch- The final version of my blog. The post underwent few changes to text but significant design changes with more visuals and increase ease of skimming. A video and improved captions and order were added. The only thing remaining is to link to other final project, especially opposing view points. 

Group Project:

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