Monday, March 7, 2016

Quick Failure

After much searching and intent to refine my arguments on my topic this weekend, I have discovered what may be a terminal flaw in my original topic for this assignment. For reference, my original topic was Cyber Security. I was going to discuss the ideas of intellectual property and virtual identities and how to keep yourself safe in the virtual world. Unfortunately, I don't have a sufficient call to action. All of the action items that I have dreamed up have been too technical for me to expect the lay-man to understand and/or implement. I may eventually come back to this topic with a different perspective, but I think it's a dead idea.

As I have already spent a lot of time looking deeper into my topic, I unfortunately don't have anything substantial to aggregate this week. I will instead use my remaining time to do elementary research on a couple of other student's topics and try to discover if there are any new viewpoints that I could take to argue similar points to their and thus facilitate a more comprehensive final product for our class.

Here is a great blog post about how google employees deal with failure. They are trained to fail quickly, and failure is treated almost as well as success. I suggest you watch this short 5 minute clip to understand more:


  1. I appreciate your post Tommy, I think that many times we get so attached to an idea that it can be easy to lose track of the validity of an argument. I'm still in the process of determining if my idea is a dud as well.

  2. I like your optimism! I relate with the fact that failure is necessary, however I still think you have a lot to offer with your topic.

  3. A good take away from your research is that you now know that you need to switch topics instead of figuring that out closer to the due date! I think you could still do something related. You could talk about how the increased forms of communication online have threatened our online security and create a call to action from there. You could also connect increased online communication to a changing online civilization.