Sunday, March 6, 2016

Understanding Humanism

My name is Rachelle Elbert, and I am a performer. I have the opportunity to play multiple characters a year and get an in-depth perspective on their life, personal experiences, and personality. What an incredible, transcendent experience!

Me as Millie Dillmount in Sunset Playhouse's production of 'Thoroughly Modern Millie"

Because of this involvement I am keenly aware of humans and their need to be individuals, have thoughts, and to create. Throughout history there has been an increase in individualism that has furthered the creation of technology. Every invention comes from a littler spark within the imagination. But is our imagination being controlled by our addiction to technology?


  1. I like your picture! I think the personal element makes it very easy to relate to. In fact I am inspired to make my topic more personal because it really increases your validation for the argument.

  2. ^^ going along with Jolene I like the personal element ... I'm sure you made an awesome Millie :) Thinking about the opportunity to act as characters who are based off of real situations that happened a while ago already adds a pretty interesting historical element to your idea. The arts in the early 19th and 20th centuries really was a great way of speaking out/ against/ for things they were passionate about. Let's make a musical!!!! haha kidding ... #kindof

  3. What if you used the actual plot of Thoroughly Modern Millie to bring in your ideas? You already have a great personal connection.