Tuesday, March 1, 2016

We care about others, is that bad?

My name is Jolene Kirk. As future inheritors of this world I believe that it is important to understand the involvement of the United States in other countries. This is what I think.

The French Revolution is a bloody spot on history's canvas. After the drastic change of government the nation collapsed and caused the Reign of Terror of Robespierre.

In the past 100 years the United States has been implementing changes to governments throughout the world. North Korea, Vietnam, and more recently Iraq.

A TEDtalk very explicitly explained how "wrong" the United States was to reform the Iraqi government. This reform, similar to the results of the French Revolution, has failed to hold and has collapsed.

We entered a new age of a different "reign of terror" called terrorism.

Other attempts of involvement from the United States in the reformation of government has left similar results of Anti-Americanism such as is the case with North Korea.

Why is it that we believe democracy is the fix all government for the world? The power of the United States is attributed to our democratic government.

However, there is a misunderstanding of what our government actually is. When reading through the Constitution of the United States, we see that the word "Democracy" is not mentioned but the United States is in fact a Republic.

This misunderstanding of how the government is run is brought to the whole world and misunderstanding brings conflict.

I imagine my upbringing as if I was in a protected bubble. Unexposed to what was going on outside of my own world. What a great candidate as the future inheritor of this world. (I am sure that I am not alone)

However if we do not tune in to the world around us, the United States will suffer. We may push our nose a little too far in someone else's business and bring consequences more severe than that of The French Revolution.


  1. I think as time goes on, these country and world problems have been getting more and more drastic. I myself am guilty of not paying attention to a lot of what is going on in the world, and am caught up in that little bubble that you were talking about, sometimes waiting for other people to pop it for me instead of myself. After reading your post, I realized that I need to be more aware of what the world is going through, and the impact that I as an individual can make.

  2. "Misunderstanding brings conflicts." What a powerful idea captured in such a simple phrase! Reading your post helped me to realize that in order to be a qualified inheritor of this world, I need to educate myself (therefore minimizing my own misunderstandings).

  3. Loved the historical parallels. Its interesting how patriotism can really affect the way we view the rest of the world. Sometimes we think that we are the solution to every problem. This is a very narrow minded way of thinking. You acknowledge that we live in a global world but we do not rule it.

  4. Not sure if you've served a mission Jolene, but all that kept coming back to me while reading your post is the phrase, "teach people, not lessons". If America had taken just a little more time to understand the true need behind each of these countries, and cater to them that way instead of trying to fit a square into a triangle mold, things could've ended up quite differently for each of these countries we have touched. So, I feel like a solid direction America should head in is one that applies great principles to fit the needs and people of other nations instead of forcing them into something that works for America. Love your post!

  5. I completely agree with your point that the United States is becoming involved in conflicts it doesn't understand! I think that there have been powerful examples over the years of what happens when we get in over our heads. It reminds me of the points made in the book "A Republic, Not an Empire" by Patrick J. Buchanan which talks about the dangers of seeking to become the leader of a global hegemony of "the free world". Great post