Wednesday, March 2, 2016

When is change too much?

I am here to show how the patterns of change in the French Revolution can help create a better American healthcare system. The top one is the french flag and the money represents how too much change can be bad if not done at the right time.

The Declaration of the rights of Man and Citizen was a keystone document in the French Revolution. It was necessary to establish some type of revolution. The first constitution of the French Revolution was a constitution monarchy. 

This eventually led to an even stronger central government known as the Reign of Terror. The Committee on Public Safety was created and the guillotine became their favorite instrument. This represented the massive amounts of change in a short period of time.

The Committee on Public Safety became even more radical as they abolished the regular calendar and began taking the Christianity out of society. It was not that the ideas were bad, but it was that the rapid changes were too quick for the people.

Eventually there was another constitution called The Directory. It failed and led to the takeover of Napoleon Bonaparte. The French Revolution had only lasted 10 years, but there was so much change within the government. 

Today, people argue that healthcare costs are increasing exponentially and it is because of the greedy hospital managers, doctors, lawyers, and other healthcare professionals. 

The government has had good intentions when trying to solve all of the healthcare problems over the years. It is not that the ideas are necessarily bad, but the timing of the ideas. They do not allow the bills to take effect before they enact a new law. After the French revolution there was a large conservatism movement.

The TED talk by Paul Star does the debate on healthcare justice. He goes over why Americans have been arguing about healthcare for the last 100 years. 

This topic is especially relevant to me because I am planning to go into healthcare administration. I also pay taxes for people who go to the hospital. My mother works as a nurse and tells me of the sick people that she treats all of the time. I can see how sad these people are in their life and it could be prevented if the government stopped changing healthcare!

The book "Over Our Heads: An Analogy on Healthcare" describes three basic concepts on why and how our healthcare system is broken. The government had good intentions, but ultimately caused the healthcare crisis. It offers this main concept: If left unchecked, the government will continue to promise more healthcare for less reimbursement, and the whole system will collapse on itself. I believe that it will collapse just as the french revolution did. 

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  1. I think that your argument would benefit from having your thought about healthcare in the title or within the first few slides. after so many slides it feels like a big leap between the two concepts. I love your thought about change crumbling society. I also think this concept could apply to other modern problems.