Monday, March 14, 2016

Final Project Inception: One possible way to make our final project work on Hybrid Pedagogy

Hi I'm Jackson Berg and the picture above is a how most people in my Rhetoric and civilization class look when our professor explains his vision for the final project. Responses range anywhere from confusion to shock and maybe for a few people even frustration. How is this all going to come together? How can the separate work of 25+ students come together in a publishable work? How will this project fit on sites like hybrid pedagogy? Well I have a possible solution: Why don't we make an final project about how we made a final project?

Throughout this final project, and throughout the whole semester really, we have been following the process known as Design Thinking. It's basically the education version of The Innovators Method. The challenge we face is whether or not our idea for a final video will fit in a scholarly setting like Hybrid Pedagogy. Why can't our final project be an article about how we used Design Thinking to come together for a final project?

This article could discuss and have links to each of our iterations along the way. It would show how we went from our wheel and spoke method to our later iteration with individual parts grouped together by theme.

This final article would explain the what we learned from the process of making testing our ideas through new iterations on our midterms blog and learning from our mistakes along the way. This could have organized links to the "note card blogs" and further iterations and finally to a the final more polished versions of our project.  Why would this be fantastic?

  • Free range to use any form of media we feel will best convey our message  while still complementing the form used on Hybrid Pedagogy. (see my previous blog to see what form Hybrid Pedagogy uses for it's articles). 
  • Allows our class to use anything from individual videos to RSA animates to convey our message. 
  • Clear and concise message that is easily processed by our potential audience. 
  • Eliminates need to an overly complex final video or animation 
  • Allows reader to see ALL the work we've done and not just our final polished work 

So let's have final project inception by embedding our final project with in an article about our final project. Am I saying it will as awesome as the movie Inception? Yes, yes I am!

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  1. Jackson, I think your idea for the final project has merit. In my research with Hybrid Pedagogy, I was also unsure of how our project could fit into this format. The idea of writing about the process we went through is so crazy it just might work.