Monday, March 7, 2016

Kindea Labs Videos

I spent my time this weekend looking at the Kindea Labs videos, and took notes on the pros and cons of the videos I watched. I think these could be a valuable source for learning and a good example of videos we could use for our class project.

All Kindea Labs videos are from universities. They also had the videos posted on Vimeo, instead of popular sites such as YouTube.

·         Animations for simple information
·         Graphs and Diagram for big information
o   Graphics aren’t very interactive with one another. It’s not a train of thought that you have to follow. They’re just visual representations to make easier sense of the info.
o   Graphics weren’t drawn. They were animated into it.
·         One narrator
·         Turned into an ad for a faculty’s research

·         Spoke in second person
o   Spoke to the viewer, because they had participated in the study
o   The narrator was: THE UNIVERSITY
·         Past tense à present tense
·         Ad for people who hadn’t participated in the study yet to tell their story

University of California
·         Drew a whiteboard in the presentation
o   Used the whiteboard to change and erase ideas, but the outside of it stayed the same
§  Good graphics
·         Very informative presentation on diabetes. Ad for their break-through diabetes research

Stanford University
·         Presented dilemma
o   Then explained their study
§  Explained the parameters of the study
·         Displayed their results visually
o   Showed their results in the social study
§  Gave data/statistics and a STRONG CONCLUSION
·         Provided links to their article and their paper

USC Rossier School
·         Compared to Monopoly – the viewer can connect easily
·         Talks about banking, amassing houses
·         Talks about USC’s developed games that help expand college knowledge, cultivate financial aid strategies, and teach about real estate
·         Give its pros and cons, and how it’s different from other forms of education
·         An amazing product pitch (business model contest application)
·         Words and phrases used a lot, simple shapes to block ideas together

U South Carolina
·         Promoting engineering
o   How learning, and IMPLEMENTING, work to improve life
·         Lots of moving of diagrams and little animations
·         Gave examples of student post-college placement
·         Video was actually about how their program is great, but it cost a ton of money to keep it updated and renovated, so it was asking for donations

·         Showed off their reputation, a lot!


  1. This is very important to our project so thanks for taking the time. In general, the layout of your post helps us to understand things, but it is a bit sloppy. Can you use bulleted lists? Most importantly, please refer to the videos you discuss by 1) using their actual title; and 2) linking to (or even embedding) the videos mentioned. See "Better Blogging" (linked from the top of the blog) to find links to how / why to do so.

  2. I like that you listed a lot of the main things that you saw while viewing these videos. I was unsure as to which concepts you liked or didn't like or rather wither it was just observations that we can try and copy when producing our own videos. it was great to see some of the thing about these videos that i missed while watching them. I see not that that is why there are several of us analizing these videos. this way we get many different sets of eyes, many different view points.

  3. I appreciate your analysis and synthesis of the different videos! I would be interested in your opinion as to what worked best and what did not work. After watching all of these videos, what do you feel is most feasible for us to do as a class?