Monday, March 7, 2016

Balancing Leisure to Balance Our Lives

This is a test run on presenting my ideas in a video format. Here I connect the importance of technology and communication to leisure and bringing balance to our lives.


  1. So good to see you reorganizing your content in a more attractive format (Prezi). It would benefit us to see you discussing this -- either seeing you at the beginning/ending; or else by embedding a picture in a picture. The presentation has a clear claim (good!) and makes use of a contemporary outside source. Glad to see you trying to tie into the master metaphor, too. The historical component is there, but could be strengthened. I will be interested to see how this can be tied into the larger group project. How critical is leisure to civilization? Does tech-enhanced leisure contribute to or detract from civilization?

  2. I was not expecting to see a video created so soon in the process, I really enjoyed seeing this first attempt and love the form it is taking!