Sunday, March 13, 2016

My Project Log: Jonah Hainsworth

My Personal Project:

I set the premise for my idea on the positive effects that the technology and media have on a Digital Society. I discuss the idea that things we consider to be "advancements" actually have a net effect of zero. 

I discuss the way our perspectives have changed as time has gone, the reason for increasing IQ scores and better problem solving skills. I took a more narrow and positive approach than my first post. I mainly focus in on the idea of intelligence and what we consider intelligent. 

I put my argument into a 15 second video and I went to seek feedback from peers. People seemed to like it overall. It helped me narrow my focus and practice being on film.

Talked about how style of presentation of candidates is almost equally, if not more important than their actual policy. This is only exemplified by the media. 

My final iteration of my personal project. With some new points made and specific examples from history. 

Reflected on the semester as a whole in this post.

Group Contribution:

I explored the Kindea Labs website and discovered how an animated video may be an effect or less effective way to portray our idea. Visuals, statistics and narration were among the positives, while a lack of professionalism or lack of expertise in animation were among the negatives. 

Nathan and I made a video explaining our individual topics and tying them back to patterns of the past. 

Worked with Michael and Nathan to refine our idea. Created a video and contributed some text. 

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