Monday, March 7, 2016

Pedagogy Unity

I took the challenge to analyze the Kindea Lab and Pedagogy Website. It was interesting to see a lot of standardization in their art and movies. It is important for the websites to have unity. This unity makes everything look like it belongs together. It is also important for us to know what these standards and norms are so that our class pictures and video will fit the ideas of Pedagogy. As far as the purpose of this website our ideas of digital change is perfectly in line with the Pedagogy Websites ideals. They are extremely interested in the effects of the digital age as well as education involving students and teachers. This concept can be found on the pedagogy website under, about us. Our idea is completely in line with this idea because not only are we making an idea for students, we are making an idea with students. This coordination between a professor and students will be something that Pedagogy will really be interested in.
As far as digital standardization many commonalities can be seen within these websites. For example the Pedagogy art had a very artistic feel about it. It was not just pictures it was art. They seemed to have a similar theme, an abstract spin on a very normal image. For example there was a picture of coloring pencils but the way they shot the photo made it art rather than just an image. It will be important for us to think about this concept of abstract yet real when we create images for our post.
The videos on Kindea Lab also had cohesiveness. I was surprised by the types of video that were used on Kindea. They seemed to be purely for learning purposes. The whole purpose behind these videos was to educate the audience. To do this they keep their videos simple like our flash card drawings. This simplicity keeps your eyes moving and your interest high but allows the audience to stay focused on the purpose of the article. Some videos also had images show up step by step with correlating words to give understanding and emphasis. This can be seen in the Yale University video. The white board art videos are also very entertaining and educational.
Another important concept to thing about is voice. Harvard university video voice was okay but not as great as other voices they need to have an educated yet excited tone of voice. As well, the music didn’t start right away in this video and was not as loud as the other videos. This wasn’t as catching and entertaining. Correct background music is not something that I didn’t notice at first but that is very distracting and boring when it is missing. Thus it is important to use background music that is both loud enough but not overbearing as well as music that fits the events taking place in the video.  George Tec Research Institute’s video is a great example of this.
Over all you can see the importance of digital media in helping our idea succeed in reaching the public but also reaching the blog page. It will be important to use cohesive ideas so that our article will be put on the blog.

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  1. This is extremely important for our project. However, please reformat your post so we can make best use of the info. This is a wall of text, very hard to read as is. Divide up your paragraphs with more spacing. Use subheadings for the two sources you analyzed. Consider using bulleted lists. Be sure that you refer to things with their complete names (I wasn't even sure you were talking about Hybrid Pedagogy, which is an online journal, not a website). And link! It's especially important that you link to the examples you found from each of the two sources that help to make your point. As it says in "Better blogging," link to these sources from meaningful text -- don't paste a URL into the post. Good work -- and it will be more effective for others to use once reformatted.