Monday, March 7, 2016

Hybrid Pedagogy Articles of Interest for Content

Here is a list of articles from Hybrid Pedagogy that concern our topic. The pedagogy here seems to closely describe Dr. Burton's Brief thoughts on dangers in tech-based learning How digital tech is changing how we teach Short, but insightful, on how online classrooms are different from classic ones More focused on MOOCs, but a discussion in general of how teachers can use online courses effectively A more historical approach to the beginnings of what is now online learning


  1. Thanks for this work. However, please reformat your post. Use a bulleted list, give the title for each article in HP to which you refer. Link from the title (do NOT insert the whole URL in the post). And annotate each entry. An annotation should include one sentence summarizing the source, and another commenting on its relevance to our project.

  2. In addition, please give a header paragraph in which you generalize upon your findings. "Given what I've discovered about this outlet, we may want to orient our project toward...." -- that sort of thing.

    Other students should follow some of these links and get a sense of HP so that Spencer is not the only one informed about this prospective outlet.

  3. Great post! While the content is great, I was more interested in the format of each article. I publish electrical engineering papers. Whenever I consider publishing my work, I always target a publisher and adapt my style to theirs. I think a similar approach is needed our project.

    1. Indeed -- good point. This post was more targeted to the content, which we need, but we need to think through the format, too.

  4. Indeed, I know we each only have so much time, but also a small excerpt from each article mentioned being highlighted in the text of the document would be very engaging!